My name is Paulina Maruszewska and I was born in Poland, however I don’t live there anymore. I lived in the States – were I worked as a photographer, later I lived in Turkey for six years, Cyprus – both parts and Greece. For as long as I can remember, cooking was my huge passion. Simply – I love to do it. If I could, I wouldn’t leave the kitchen at all. As a cooking lover, I read many different recipes and honestly – many of them are to difficult to me. Their authors use fancy ingredients, which I often see for the first time, and the truth is that everyday cooking does not have to be complicated.

I do not aspire to the position of chef in a restaurant that has Michelin stars, I just want to satisfy my taste, family and friends.

You will find here a hundred richly illustrated recipes from both sides of the Aegean Sea; dishes that host Turkish and Greek homes on a daily basis, for ordinary people. I cooked them together with the Turks, living there for over 6 years, and then with the Greeks and Cypriots, the next 6. They are checked, and each of the ones given in this book can be prepared in the normal house, you can also find spices in every store.

The clue is in the simplicity and believe me, original Greek and Turskich cuisines are very simple.

PS. Obviously, English is not my first language, however before you comment my mistakes think first, for sure I know more than one language 😀 .

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