Here are some practical notes:

  • I fry everything in olive oil, change it to oil if you like.
  • I really like spicy dishes, so be careful with the amount of hot pepper and garlic I write. If you think is too much, give less.
  • apart from the starters, almost all proportions are for 4 people (main dishes, soups etc.).
  • if you do not know how much to cook pasta, then it is standard to give 85-100 grams per person.
  • there is a very simple way to check if the meat is soft – if you cut it without any resistance with a fork, it’s ready. If not – let’s wait a little longer.
  • Fresh egg whites (they remain after e.g. pastry or béchamel) can be frozen without loosing quality, and then they can be used for almond cookies or muesli cookies.
  • cheese feta after opening is good to keep in milk, it will extend a life.
  • I make the tomato puree in the recipes myself (the recipe can be found in the sauces section). If I use can concentrate, this is clearly written.
  • I usually buy meat from a butcher on an island, but sometimes I also buy it in a market. My observations show that such market beef roasts / frying / stews much longer, often 50% more time than normal – the times given are for beef from the butcher
  • the oven must be preheated, otherwise the baking will be longer

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